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I took three years off from producing my e-newsletter.   I did not stop writing, transferring the energy instead to a more ambitious product, yes, a book.  I'm well underway but one thing prompted another and what was one project became four.  I'm in no hurry and I am getting them done, but I'm enjoying it.

A couple of weeks ago I got the urge to put out another newsletter.  So here it is.  Enjoy!  Might be awhile before you see another one.

As usual, feel free to distribute these pieces to anyone you know would be interested.  I’ll let you all handle the mass marketing of Duke’s Crazy Ideas.  For now I’m pleased to share them with my circle of friends. Some of it is copyrighted and all of it is proprietary, so if you use it b sure to give me credit.

The November, 2015 newsletter can be downloaded here:

Newsletter 15 final.pdf

In the last newsletter before this current one, in 2012, I just published it online.  Here it is, PDF copies of all the others can be downloaded below.

Here are the topics from my April, 2012 issue:

Culture Counts:  Why Values are Important in Defining Successful Organizations

There’s a tendency to look at things like values or vision or culture as the “soft” stuff of management, at least when considered alongside harder elements like finance or production.  I’m arguing that none of that money or any of those processes make sense unless you consider the values that explain why we get up every day to produce things in the first place.  I’m worried that all our emphasis on systems and process will weaken the bonds that hold us together.

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 A Hard Lesson Learned… the Case of the Counterfeit Coin 

In this case I learn an important lesson about how the assumptions we bring into the workplace can cause us to do things that produce results quite different than those we intend.  The fun thing here is you can work these cases a little like contract bridge.  You can play my hand as the consultant or try to figure out how to handle this from the executive’s side. 
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Off to tropical climes... a journey to the island of Yap

Several months ago many of you followed along as I pursued my quest to earn elite status with United Airlines.  I'm on a different adventure this time and you’re welcome to join Kathleen and I as we head out to Yap, a small atoll island in the western Pacific.

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A Blast from the Past

My killer Margarita recipe.  Believe me, more than two and you’ll have real trouble remembering how to comb your hair the next morning.


November, 2003, The Collector's Edition
Building Employee Loyalty
A Look into the Creativity Toolbox

Volume 1, First Edition.pdf

May, 2004, There Really Is a Second Edition Edition
Transitioning your Business from One Generation of Leadership to the Next
Why Teamwork Fails
Getting Team Members to Effectively Communicate

Volume 1, Second Edition.pdf

April, 2005, A Second Year!
Mutual respect and leadership
Great burgers from Guam to Manhattan
How to make effective decisions

Volume 2, First edition.pdf

July, 2005, The World Famous Margarita Edition
What makes something strategic?
The best margarita recipe you'll ever find.  Cuidado!
Jack Morris, RIP

Volume 2, Second edition.pdf

May, 2006, The Risk Aversive and Indecisive Edition
Great Leadership Demands a Willingness to Take Risk
The Politics of Planning
A Consideration of Spicy Sauces and Mustards

Volume 3, First Edition.pdf

June, 2006 A Special Edition for Commercial Real Estate
The network reconsidered


September, 2007, The Chicago Steakhouse Issue
Flattening the business cycle
Getting started in consulting
Where the great steaks are to be found

Volume 4, First Edition.pdf

May, 2008, The Cynical and Resistant Edition
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow... Planning Can't Wait, Do it NOW
!Tricks to Overcome Cynicism
How to Get 100% Member Involvement in Voluntary Associations
It's Time to Get Rid of RFPs and Here's Why

Volume 5 First Edition fix4 (2).pdf

January, 2009, The New Economy Edition
You have Four Weeks to Plan for Success in the New Economy
A Simple Introduction to Types of Planning
Mixing the Ultimate Manhattan
A Smarter Approach to Public Budget Cuts

Volume 6, First Edition.pdf

May, 2009, The Getting Results Edition
Getting the Most out of Strategic Planning
How to Solve Problems in a Group
A Taste of British Summer: Pimm's Cup!


December, 2009, The Holiday Edition
How to Successfully Compete with the Big Dogs and Eat their Lunch
Making Order out of Chaos
A Lethal Holiday Punch
Get Rid of the Public Meeting!

Newsletter 6_3.pdf

June, 2010, The Take a Second Look Edition
Finding your competitive advantage
An even better Manhattan
Truth or dare


Newsletter 15 final.pdf
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